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Does your home make them go “WOW” ?

As Realtors in Columbus, Ga., we have been inside a lot of homes and we know WOW factors when our clients see them. The problem is that sometimes they are good WOW factors and sometimes they are bad. As a seller, you need to know your WOW facto...

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Bathrooms are QUEEN if Kitchens are KING!

Bathrooms VS Kitchens? As Century 21 Realtors in Columbus, Georgia, we certainly have seen that Kitchens are KING but also noted that Bathrooms are QUEEN when it comes to what home buyers are looking for in a new home! So whether you are wo...

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Kitchens are King!

If you are going to spend your remodel dollars anywhere, choose the Kitchen first! The more modern, spacious and glamorous you can make it, the better! And remember, lighting is so important here! Light makes everything look clean..and of co...

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